Hazardous Waste

Many industries generate hazardous waste. Some examples of automotive repair shop waste include antifreeze, solvent, and lead acid batteries. EPA regulates hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) to ensure these wastes are managed in ways that protect human health and the environment. Generators of hazardous waste are regulated based on the amount of hazardous waste they generate in a calendar month, not the size of their business or facility.

Why Your Company Needs Hazardous Waste Safety Training

Safety Services Group will evaluate your worksite to look for all sources of hazardous waste. We will then complete the regulatory paperwork for submittal and review it with you. SSG will continue to review the site on an ongoing basis to look for changes in waste streams, always updating the plan as required. We will then complete the required annual waste report for your review and submittal. Safety Services Group will track renewal submittals and fees to ensure no lapse occurs and the client does not fall out of compliance. Fines are $70,117 per violation, per day.