Respirator Fit Testing

Safety Services Group’s Respirator Fit Testing procedure involves an interactive classroom along with hands-on practical training. Our program setup includes involvement with a doctor to provide required respirator medical evaluation and clearance online (24/7). This allows the testing to be conducted at the most convenient time for you and your employees. You and your employees won’t have to worry about spending hours trying to visit an off-site professional. The fit test is conducted on the respirator model your operation uses.

Why Your Company Needs Respirator Fit Testing

All documentation to validate your Respirator Fit testing is filed on the online portal and in a physical format for future reference. Employees are required to be medically cleared and fit tested for any respirator they use. Oftentimes, chemicals or processes employees do require the use of respirators to protect the employees health. Based on your specific operation, many potentially harmful chemicals will be used in the workplace. This was the 4th most cited violation by OSHA last year.